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My MISSION is - to Help you help yourself!

I believe in you, I simply aim to show you how to do more for yourself.

We guide you with simple massage techniques and introduce your to the idea that you can do more to reduce your pain and increase your range of pain free movement.

Our starting point is showing you how to massage areas of pain and restricted movement to facilitate the change towards a healthier and symptom free life. 


Workshop 1

An introduction to Self-Help Massage and the key elements for good health and function.




Workshop 2

‘MyKORI’ pelvic floor rehabilitation Workshop.

A biotesegrity focused therapy approach for women with symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.

An introduction to female pelvic floor function, dysfunction and treatments using ‘MyKORI’, a pelvic floor resistance trainer and massage tool designed to reduce symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Pelvic floor dysfunction can include bowel/bladder/sexual problems, prolapse, abdominal pain, back pain/pelvic pain, and more.


The techniques and theories described within this website are described solely for reference and have been developed over three decades of

study & training with professional instructors and educational institutions. 


I can not accept responsibility for whatever may result from you practicing and performing the techniques mentioned on this website.


Before any massage regime one would do well in seeking professional advice and you must take responsibility for your own health.